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Olivier Dunrea

Olivier Dunrea is a childrenís book writer/illustrator as well as a painter and sculptor.  Moel Eyris Studio is pleased to present the original illustrations from his books.  Unpublished studies and paintings are also available.  He works in a variety of styles and mediums.   His paintings focus on the farms, people, and animals of the mythical archipelago of Moel Eyris.   All artwork shown at our website is protected and copyrighted by Olivier Dunrea and may not be reproduced in any form, electronic or otherwise.  Additional illustrations from other books are also available.

All Paintings are sold un-matted and unframed (All frames shown are digital)


Study for BEAR NOEL      12"x16"   Gouache      ©1999 Olivier Dunrea  SOLD


It's Snowing!  Study of Mama for "It's Snowing!" (FSG, October, 2002)  Sold




Gouache Study for Snowy Landscape             ©2001 Olivier Dunrea   








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